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The founder of Career Crossroads has fifteen years experience as a recruiter. She knows first-hand what resumes hiring managers are likely to reject and why and which ones get called for an interview. Your resume is an important marketing tool and in today's economy you need to capture reviewers attention in the first 10 seconds or it gets passed over.

Many highly skilled people never receive a phone call because their resume does not adequately portray their qualifications for a particular position. Your resume needs to create interest in your prospective employer and make them want to "buy" your services.

What makes a High Impact Resume?

There are three important aspects for every resume: Style, Type and Content.

1. Resume Style
There are many different styles of resumes. I provide a custom-written, Professional Resume designed in the appropriate style for your particular career, work history, and position you are applying for. Your resume is formatted in a way that will highlight your strengths and achievements, and make you stand out to attract the right kind of attention from your targeted audience.

2. Resume Type
There are two basic resumes types - chronological or functional. A chronological resume is used when you are advancing in your field. A functional resume is used when you are making a career change. A third type of resume is a combination of both the chronological and functional resume. By looking at both your background and your future goals, the best resume type is selected to produce optimal results in your job search.

3. Content and The Writing Process
The writing of your resume is a very "creative" process. Through a series of well planned, thought out questions pertinent to your occupation and industry, I extract your top strengths and achievements and communicate that information to create a High Impact Resume for your targeted audience.

Resume and Related Services Available

Full Professional Resume
Your resume is the instrument which will open doors to potential employers. If you're not getting calls for interviews from your resume submissions, then our expertise can help you present yourself in a manner that will help you achieve your career objective. Call for a free evaluation and quote.

Resume Revamp
Perhaps your resume is almost there, but just needs a few modifications. Email your resume, and we'll advise you on whether you need a revamp to get your resume to a state of High Impact for your particular field and occupation.

Resume Critique
If you prefer to make your changes yourself, we can give you a critique on those changes that are critical in making your resume stand out more in today's competitive job market.

Generic Cover Letters
Dynamic covers letters should accompany every resume submission. We can write generic cover letters for various purposes - direct mail sent to potential employers, recruiters, and venture capitalists, for ad response and networking purposes, and for broadcasting your resume.

Targeted Cover Letters
We also write targeted cover letters for a specific person, company or position. With information about the specific position and company, we can create a cover letter designed to entice the reader to call you for an interview.

Follow up and Other Letters
Every interview with a prospective employer should be followed up with a "thank you" letter. Here's your chance to make a final effort to sell yourself. Your cover letter is written according to how the interview went. If there were things that failed to come up, here is where you have a chance to talk about them. If there was an issue your interviewer was concerned with, here's your chance to address that issue further. We write follow up letters that increase your chances of getting the job offer.

Interview and Leave-behind materials
Sometimes it's a good idea to bring some summary materials to the interview. Think of these as additional marketing materials that you can leave with your interviewer to help make a lasting impression.

ASCII (Scanable) Resume
If you plan to broadcast your resume to several large companies, you need to have your resume in an ASCII format. This makes your resume scanable for specific key words that employers use to search resumes for suitable candidates for their open positions.

Reference Checking
We do reference checking so you will know before the interview exactly what your previous employers are saying about you. This way, you will be able to address any negative reports during the interview before your prospective employer even speak to your previous employers.

Resume Distribution
Through targeted, managed resume distributions put your resume and cover letter in front of thousands of hiring agents. With over 10,000 recruiting offices and 10,000+ corporate hiring agents, venture capital firms and temp/contract placement firms, you have access to the largest database of recruiters on the Web!

We have diverse industry knowledge and experience including the following areas:

Accounting and Auditing
Administration & Office Services
Association and Not-For-Profit
Accounting and Auditing
Customer Service
Executive Management & General Management
Graduating Students
Health Care
Human Resources & Organizational Development
Human Services
International Business Development
Investment Finance
Law & Legal Affairs
Law Enforcement
Manufacturing & Production Operations
Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Real Estate Construction & Property Management
Safety & Rescue
Teaching & Education Administration


Resume preparation costs range from $100 for a revamp, to $750 for a complete executive resume. It is based on $100 per hour.

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