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Job Search Services

For job-seekers in serious career transition, a full line of job search services are available - services that will help prepare you for the search, prepare you for the interview, and negotiate an offer. These services range from having your resume professionally prepared to a full marketing campaign to help you conduct an effective and successful job search. Following are the services available:

Professional Resume Preparation
You have just one chance to make the right impression. Do so with a Professionally Prepared, "High Impact Resume". Click here for more details.

Interview Preparation
Get prepared for the interview by identifying difficult questions that are likely to be asked and by learning how to answer them. Know what questions are appropriate for you to ask and the best time to ask them. Learn how and when to negotiate an offer through each step of the interview process.

Job Search Coaching
Learn how to find open positions in the hidden job market. Learn how to increase your network of contacts. If done right, you will never run out of new contacts.

Executive Marketing Packages
Job search services are available as a full "Executive Marketing Package." This services includes skills assessment, resume preparation, development of a marketing plan, and coaching on how to find the jobs that aren't advertised. Click below for details and include your name and contact information. We'll be in touch with you very soon.

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