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"Denise Lidell was great to work with! My resume went from being average to superior in content and structure. Her process for collecting information from me was seamless and my new resume was completed in a very timely fashion. I believe that my hard work and successes in my career are showcased beautifully and I have landed 2 great jobs since my resume was done by Denise in early 2009. I have referred other family and friends to her and they have been equally pleased with her attention to detail and advise. I would strongly reccomend using Denise for your resume building needs. Thank you Denise!"
          -Courtney Baker, Washington, DC

"I want to thank you again for the nice job you did on my resume and cover letter. I have had a good amount of success with it and succeeded in landing a new job last month. I will refer a friend of mine to you in the hope that you you can help him too."
          --Brad Sacks, San Diego, CA

"After Denise spent lots of time with me on the phone asking very pertinent questions, she made changes to my resume to give it a greater impact and get more attention. When my current employer first talked to me, he said from nearly a hundred resumes he chose just eight to call. Because of my impressive resume, I was the first person he called! I now have the job. Having Denise redo my resume was the best money I ever spent during my job search. Denise is honest and will put together a high impact resume that gets results."
          --LeeAnne Moore, Jacksonville, FL

"I got a job! Through a friend of my mother's who knows the president of a company, they got a copy of my updated resume and gave me an interview. They just hired me to start on a†3-4 month embedded systems†project that I can work on in my shop in Flagstaff. I don't think he was even advertising the job. If he likes it we'll keep working together. Thanks for your help!"
          --Jeff Platt, Flagstaff, AZ

"I called Denise because I needed urgent help with my resume over the weekend. I wanted to be considered for a position where they were setting up interviews the following week. Denise put together an excellent resume and cover letter for me in a very short time. She expressed my skills and accomplishments in such a way that gave me a lot of confidence about my qualifications. The following Monday I got a call for an interview, and Iím sure it had a lot to do with the excellent resume that Denise wrote for me."
          --Stephanie Schatz, San Diego, CA

"Everything looks great and much more polished. Thank you so much for your help and I will recommend you to some friends of mine who may need your help."
          --Richard Lillie, Lawrenceville, GA

"The resume you helped me with was successful at getting me positive responses. I landed a Product Testing Analyst position last month. I'm very happy with the position and plan to try working my way up with them. Thanks again!"
          --Lynn Ford, San Diego, CA

"You did a great job on my resume. You have a way of looking at things that are different from mine and much more creative. Thank you!"
          --Steven J. Lucks, Idaho Falls, ID

"Thank you so much for the resume. It looks great! I will refer you to several people in my office, as Iím sure they will need help, too!"
          --Catherine Tyberg, San Diego, CA

"The new resume worked. It gets peopleís attention and it got me some interviews. I believe I will have a job offer soon!"
          --Ronald J. Lilek, La Grange, IL

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